Discovery Parks
Discovery Parks


Discovery Parks will use its assets to create capital through Investment in early stage technology companies, with a focus on Health Technology.  It will provide business mentorship, capital investment and value creation through its Investment Corporation, Nimbus Synergies Inc., to grow its equity base and to support its Vision.


Deploying capital that has been created through the Mission, Discovery Parks will become a significant funder of programs and activities that increase employment through the growth and profitability of technology companies in British Columbia. Our Vision is to see technology become the most productive, economically important and socially relevant industry in British Columbia. Discovery Parks will provide funding to Discovery Foundation while working with relevant technology industry associations, educators and mentors.


Discovery Parks has a long history of supporting the technology industry in British Columbia. Our current Mission and Vision demonstrate Discovery’s continued commitment to the technology industry in British Columbia.

Current initiatives include:



A 5,000 sqft incubator space available to high tech startup companies on a competitive basis.  An initiative developed between Discovery Parks and the City of Vancouver in 2011, early-stage technology companies apply to win 12 months of free workspace at 610 Main Street.
Competition details and companies can be found here.


Discovery Foundation

A registered charity whose aim is to educate BC technology entrepreneurs about the business skills and knowledge needed to grow world-scale, BC-based companies.  Discovery Parks gives a significant portion of its profits to
Discovery Foundation yearly. Find more information here.