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Why Vest in Canada


Our vision is to bring together a dispersed Canadian technology sector to drive greater collaboration, expansion, and the development of world-changing companies. 

By building a stronger interconnection among entrepreneurs, investors, and tech professionals, we can drive towards a more closely knit foundation on which to build the powerhouse of Canada’s future economy. 

Through openly sharing information, highlighting local and national programs, showcasing the work of community leaders, and holding a series of networking events, we believe we can help connect and facilitate relationship building among local, national, and international founders and funders. 

Canada’s world-class startup community and talent pool has significant untapped potential.  A stronger more diverse network of entrepreneurs and investors can lead to more efficient and timely business relationships, referrals, and recommendations between peers.

Closer relationships driven by open sharing, networking, and relationship building will drive new ways to harness that potential for the success stories of the future.

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Hussein Hallak


How to use Vest In Canada

  • Find Canada based founders, funders, companies, programs, and communities to connect with, learn from, and work with.

  • Attend networking events, participate in curated programs, and collaborate special projects.

  • Build closer relationships with entrepreneurs and investors

  • Drive collaboration, growth and development of world-class businesses.

  • Help build Canada's thriving and innovative tech startup ecosystem.

  • Empower Canada's founders and funders through connection, education, and innovation.


Who we are…

It takes a village to build a community. While some (mentioned below) are involved in the direct day to day work to bring to life, our work would not be possible without the contribution and hard work of many champions, organizers, connectors, and genuinely generous community advocates who are in the trenches every day doing the work, and making it possible for a tech community to rise and take shape.

If you know some of these people and you do not see their work mentioned on Vest in Canada please let us know.

Hussein Hallak.png

Hussein Hallak

Founder & Chief Curator

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Rama Ibrahim

Co-founder & Chief Curator

Tristram Waye.png

Tristram Waye

Co-founder & Chief Curator

Shawn Mayzes.png

Shawn Mayzes

Cofounder & Chief Curator

Rodrigo Textiera.png

Rodrigo Teixeira

Co-founder & Chief Curator

Perry Gorgounis.png

Perry Gorgounis

Vancouver City Champion

Cyrus Montazemi.png

Cyrus Montazemi

Victoria City Champion


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