CanadaCleantech Alliance
CanadaCleantech Alliance

As a Canadian non-profit organization, we leverage provincial and territorial strengths to be the reference, the national voice for the cleantech sector nationwide. Aside from the four co-founders - Alberta Clean Technology Industry Alliance (ACTia), BC Cleantech CEO Alliance, Ecotech Quebec and MaRS Cleantech - our network extends to 200+ cleantech CEOs and several Provincial/Territorial organizations. 

CanadaCleantech Alliance coordinates regional clusters, associations and hubs to identify and crowdsource issues, obtain guidance and mobilize for change. CanadaCleantech uses a comprehensive and coordinated approach that takes regional realities into account. It encourages its partners to go beyond sharing information and emphasizes joint value creation by generating new knowledge together.

Activities focus in the following areas:

  • Advocacy - Provide information and advice to key decision-makers

  • Branding - Promote Canadian cleantech, nationally and internationally

  • Business Opportunities - Gain market intelligence from representatives of each province and territory

By stimulating collaboration and joint action, sharing cross-regional business opportunities and best practices, providing advice for public policy, and promoting Canadian cleantech, CanadaCleantech is creating a competitive advantage for companies, provinces and the country. By contributing to a more dynamic business environment, CanadaCleantech is positioning the country at the forefront of the global low carbon economy, enabling it to capitalize on its opportunities.