Werklund Ventures

Werklund Ventures Ltd. (WVL) is a private family-owned investment company holding both private and public investments.

The foundation of WVL is the experience and success of David Werklund, whose unshakeable energy and drive towards creating value through enterprise has formed the basis for the creation of the multi-billion dollar energy waste treatment industry. 

The capital invested in WVL is patient with no fixed time horizon, with unparalleled flexibility to take advantage of good opportunities.  This approach combined with David’s track record affords WVL the ability to partner with bright entrepreneurs who can create value, progress industry forward and achieve monetary and business success for themselves as well.


Active Equities

  • WVL seeks to add value to its investments in areas of its expertise or through an active strategic involvement in the functions of a company

  • In addition to all aspects of the energy, water and waste businesses, WVL can add value through finance, operations, M&A or strategy as part of our core functions or external network

  • A high engagement level from our staff requires us to be selective in our investees

  • Given the long term nature of our capital and operator experience, we can assume risks atypical of most private equity funds

Disruptive Technologies

  • Industry changing technology that is revolutionary and not just evolutionary

  • Competitive technology should be difficult to replicate with a proven pilot of customer sponsorship in place

  • Funding is typically for commercialization in an “A” round

  • Not specific sector but requires hyper growth and customer acceptance

Merchant Banking

  • Special situations that can generate income or immediate payback for capital at risk

  • Risk is highly structured

  • Credit/risk arbitrage or bridge financing

  • Short term exposures

  • Unique risks outside of typical lending parameters