TEC Edmonton

TEC Edmonton is a business accelerator that helps emerging technology companies grow successfully. We help our clients get funding, grow as entrepreneurs, scale their business and protect their intellectual property.

As a joint venture of the University of Alberta and Edmonton Economic Development Corporation, TEC Edmonton operates the Edmonton region’s largest health-technology accelerator and manages the commercialization of University of Alberta technologies.

We Serve a Diverse Community


As the University of Alberta’s commercialization agent, we help researchers protect their IP, commercialize novel technologies and license innovations.


We help our clients grow as entrepreneurs through tailored programs, education opportunities and partnerships.

Innovation Community

In partnership with the innovation community, we work to provide the best services for you. If we can’t help you, we’ll help find someone who can.

Emerging technology companies

We operate the region’s largest accelerator for early-stage technology companies

A little bit more about us

We’re committed to taking your business or technology to the next level. We provide resources other service providers don’t offer such as:

  • Executives in residence – as successful entrepreneurs who have been there, done that, our executives in residence are giving back to help you grow successfully.

  • Technology management expertise – we have experts in commercializing and intellectual property management including patent, trademark & copyright evaluation, intellectual property (IP) strategy and protection & licensing.

  • Industry-specific accelerators and programs: We’ve partnered with local organizations and multinational corporations to create programing and space to develop early-stage technology companies