The eHUB Mission

Entrepreneurship @ UAlberta provides education, support and extensive mentorship for the University of Alberta students to help them become entrepreneurial thinkers. We along with our partners, mentors, faculty and students support students in their quest to find solutions to problems in their communities, workspaces and organizations. We along with our partners champion our students to become agents of change and implement ideas that create value.

Our Objectives


Our entrepreneurship classes are focused on educating tomorrow’s entrepreneurial leaders. Our classroom sessions are run by world-renowned research faculty in the area of entrepreneurship and innovation.


Entrepreneurship @ UAlberta is about supporting student entrepreneurs. When students seek help from eHUB, there is no equity expectation or a desire to sit on the board of directors. We are here to serve and champion the entrepreneurial goals of our students.


On Campus – We work very closely with Deans, department chairs, faculty members and student groups to offer a holistic support network for our eHUB students. Off Campus – We have strong collaborative networks with industry, research facilities, government organizations and local groups to offer student continued support outside the University.


University of Alberta has long been a champion of innovation and entrepreneurship. Our goal is to bring visibility to entrepreneurial activities of our students and to help socialize their ideas.