Azure Capital Partners

We invest in early stage technology companies that are at the forefront of a transformative opportunity for growth

Founded in 2000, Azure is a San Francisco-based venture capital firm with over $750 million under management. We have served as trusted advisors to some of the most successful and important technology companies created in the last 20 years, including VMware (NYSE: VMW), Bill Me Later (acquired by PayPal), Calix (NYSE: CALX), Cyan (NYSE: CYNI, acquired by Ciena), Native (acquired by P&G), Top Tier (acquired by SAP), TripIt (acquired by Concur) and World Wide Packets (acquired by Ciena), and have helped to generate billions of dollars of value in these companies for our entrepreneurs and investors.

Successful venture-backed companies are built upon long-term trusted relationships among venture capitalists and entrepreneurs.  We strive to be the go-to advisor for our portfolio company management teams, and the most active board member, in and out of board meetings. 

We have worked with over 70 venture backed companies, providing stage-appropriate mentoring and value-add by assisting companies with recruiting, business model refinement, customer and partner introductions, fundraising, finance and capital structure advice, and exit optimization. 

As key advisors and investors to many of the most successful technology companies of the last 20 years, Azure partners have built the Azure Network, which includes enduring relationships with hundreds of important technology industry executives and entrepreneurs. We work actively with members of our broad Azure network to provide key, ongoing value-add to our portfolio companies.